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Yeah! I've just found out there is an update which I need to get. I had the 8.0.3 and the 8.0.4 has an update saying - - - -

"Kernel Panic when shutting down Mac if Mbox 2 was disconnected previously (Item #PTSW-56617)
OS/Platform: Mac/LE Area: Mbox 2 Family (USB) Mac computers would kernel panic (crash) on shut down if the computer was started with an Mbox 2 USB device (Mbox 2, Mbox 2 Mini, or Mbox 2 Micro) attached, and the Mbox 2 is disconnected prior to shutdown.

Core Audio Manager crashes when launching some 3rd party applications with Mbox 2 devices (Item #PTSW-125131) OS/Platform: Mac/LE Area: Core Audio
Core Audio Manager crashes when launching applications such as FM8, Massive, or Absynth 5 when an Mbox 2 device is connected. This would occur if Core Audio Manager was installed and Digi CoreAudio Device was selected in System Preferences>Sound>Output. The crash has been resolved. However, because Mbox 2 devices are full Core Audio clients, it is not necessary to use Core Audio Manager with them (this is only necessary with Digi 002, 003, and Pro Tools HD). With Mbox 2 family devices, you can simply select Mbox 2 in System Preferences>Sound>Output."

So this update might fix it.

I'll let you know if its truly fixed.

Thank you both very much for your help!
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