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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post

Likewise, jailbreaking is something best done (IMO) to give new life to old equipment -- because re-jailbreaking and re-installing stuff every time Apple updates the firmware is a PITA.

Both you and TattooedMac seem to be under the impression that everyone always updates their phone when Apple releases am update.

I'm currently running 4.0.1 on my iPhone 4. There's no reason for me to update to a newer firmware. I think game center is stupid and if I had it, I'd use poof to not have to look at that ugly icon I'd never use; I already have a HDR app (that I never use) and while Find My iPhone sounds like a good idea, I've gone 3 years so far being able to keep up with my phone, so I think its more a novelty.
I have an untethered jailbreak and I have one of the few unlockable iPhone 4s.
I'll probably keep it on this firmware so that in a few months I can unlock it and sell it for enough to buy the next generation.

The jailbreak is more important to me than Apple's incremental updates.

One time, I had to click "Do Not Ask Me Again" in iTunes when it told me there was an update available.

Its really not that much trouble
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