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Originally Posted by rohan View Post
hmm...if im not mistaken...what he meant was that the process of jailbreaking is overrated as it isnt so hard to do...but i may be wrong :p

anyhow...this has brought up another question in my mind...if the phone was actually jailbroken...& updating the OS messes that up all apps become locked? or only the ones that run becasue of the jailbreak?

in other words...will free apps or paid apps i download from the store be effected by problems arising out of the whole jailbreak/update deal?
Well, Chas and I have had this discussion before, so I took it based on our past convos. He doesn't see a need in jailbreaking; I do. As I said before, I wouldn't have an iPhone if I couldn't jailbreak it.

As for your other question, as Buzzard said, the jailbreak process has no bearing on the normal iOS app store.
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