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I bought an iPhone 3GS two days ago, I've been using it quite a bit but it never fallen off my hands and there are no scratches on it. At all.

Last night I upgraded to iOS 4.2 and the iPhone was working just fine, I even watched an episode of Dexter before going to sleep. This morning, for some strange reason the alarm clock on the iPhone went off, it's odd 'cause it has never happened before (I don't even remember setting up an alarm clock in the first place), so I just shut the alarm off, then checked my e-mail and went back to sleep (at this point the home button was still working fine).

I woke up later, tried to use the iPhone but alas, the home button doesn't work no matter how many times I try. I shut it off, turned it back on, nothing. I restored it factory setting, nothing. I restored the back up, nothing!

So I yeah, I'm taking it back to the AT&T store where I bought it, but what could be the cause of this?
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