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My husband is getting me an iPad for Christmas. When the iPad 2 comes out, my husband is going to take the old iPad and let me get a new one. I've got a couple of questions I need an answer to please.

1)I have a Mac, my husband has a PC. If I initially sync my iPad to my Mac with all my information, will my husband have problems later syncing it to his PC? Is it possible to wipe out everything and have him start with a clean slate when he gets it(no pun intended) so he can sync his personal information(contact, calendars, mobile me,) etc .

2)If I purchase iPad apps on my Apple account they will not be available to my husband when he gets the iPad? He will have to purchase or repurchase the same apps, correct?

Are there any other possible problems I should be aware of before I get an iPad with the intention of passing it down to my husband that I haven't thought of?? TIA

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