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If you are pressing the button with the disc in the optical drive, hold down 'C' immediately after the chime and it should open up the Installer page where you can go into Utilities and erase and format the drive. If this is not working sounds like the optical drive has failed and it is not worth spending any money on a G3 as really they are like the dinosaur age.

Also it is a tough job replacing the optical and hard drives.
That's too bad...I have never owned a Mac before and this computer brought back fond memories of using friends' iMacs. Too bad. When I Press C after rebooting, nothing happens, just the question mark/mac face. when I press option upon startup, a blue screen with a circular arrow on the left and an arrow pointing right ---> appear. The arrow pointing right --> does nothing and the circular arrow causes the computer to seem as if it were starting to spin the CD around as if it were about to load something, but nothing changes on the monitor and the sound eventually stops with the screen still blue with the two arrows. Any ideas? Thanks.
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