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Originally Posted by Shrinky999 View Post
Hi guys,

I'm having the same problems here on my 10.6.2 white Macbook, DNS stops working for my Airport card every now and then:
- it only happens for the Airport card (not the wired network card) => it's not a networking problem per se
- it happens shortly after waking, but can come back after "fixing" it at any time
- Disabling and reenabling the wireless card does help solving it (not permanently though)
- it happens when I use my router as DNS server as well as when I manually enter my ISP's, the OpenDNS or Google's DNS servers => it's not a problem with my router/home network
- connecting to a server based on the IP works like a charm => seems to be limited to DNS
- using dig (and the like) returns no result (timeout) => wtf?
- no other computer (Linux/Windows/iPhone) are affected

I thought about reinstalling SL, but then again I get the feeling that it isn't some sort of misconfiguration, but might be a bigger problem as so many of you guys are affected

Hope there's a fix for that soon!
Have you ever got fix to this problem, my wifes mac mini is exactly the same. It looses name resolution also. I can ping things by IP and stuff but no DNS lookups work. If I turn off the airport and then turn it back on it fixes the problem, but its only temporary.
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