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I assume Apple still supplies the hardware test on the install DVD. Boot it up and run that if it is available.

Adobe doesn't make it clear if the iMac meets its Premier specs. They do make it clear what version of OS X you should be running to support the GPU-accelerated performance but there is more to it than that.

The rendering issue sounds like you are importing some codec that should be converted first. I'd triple check the imported file specs to the Mac Premier specs. I'd also triple check any preferences for the app. If that isn't the problem, then I'd be curious to see how a hardware problem would cause that.

If the crashing is only occurring with Premier, then it would seem to be the cause by it self. Are other applications crashing? Is your system crashing so hard that it is like a blue screen of death on a Windows box? Do you know how to use the Option-Command-Escape key sequence to bring up the "Force Quit Applications" window so that you can kill a misbehaving CPU hogging application? That last one is rarely needed.

I'd also open the Console app in the Utilities folder and review the logs available from that.

As has been expressed already, what you are seeing is the exception.

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