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I would hesitate to move to Mac for video production. Mac systems are extremely limited in the area of video, excluding DV and HDV workflows. Remember that Macs are largely task-oriented systems, not general use computers. Vegas Pro is a very powerful NLE, and you'd have to move to Premiere CS or Final Cut Pro to get similar abilities -- and neither of those are necessarily an "upgrade" of any kind. Even Vegas Studio (consumer edition) is more robust than iMovie.

Indeed, what is the motivation for moving to Mac? My main ownership reason is Lightroom and DVD Studio Pro, the latter of which is only available on Mac. MAMP is rather nice too, because it doesn't really hobble the system like it can in Windows. But when it comes to pro video work, I sit at a Windows XP system.

Compare video tools to the tools found in a general handyman's toolbox. He has a hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, chisels, etc. Windows has all of these. The "Mac version" of that toolbox, for example, would be devoid of screwdrivers -- it would be 100% impossible to screw a screw with the available tools. The major issue with Mac is codecs, especially lossless intermediaries that are really important for video production. There are also quite a few specialty tools that simply have no equivalent on a Mac, and because they must be run hardware-native, you can't really rely on VMs. Specialty hardware also excludes even BootCamp as an option.

To me, "can only seem to go so far on the PC" sounds like more of an education issue, not a platform one. Just learn more about the tools.

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