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Originally Posted by TattooedMac View Post
Ummmm and why wouldnt it ??? As i stated above ANY i repeat ANY iMac will do what he wants to do with Video Editing ...... The next step is a Mac Pro and that is just a over kill unless he is Tim Burton .........

The parent has already said he cant go any further on the Windows box he is on... Why ?? Its a few years old and out of date ?? I dont really know, but to me it sounds like they need to upgrade there PC so a Mac would be fine for his continuing adventure into Video Editing ...
I said so in the reply. If he gets an iMac, he wont have Vegas and the editor he will have will be iMovie which is a less robust program in comparison. He will have to get a Mac, then Vegas (or other software of choice). He could get/build a new Windows machine and continue using his software, which is certainly adequate, and spend money he saved on additional camera equipment if they wished.

I think the only question left to be asked to the OP is why is the boy looking to migrate to a Mac from PC, has he had a better experience with them or is he looking at some OS X only software?
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