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Chscag is correct. Modification of a unit by anyone other than a certified Apple technician can void the warranty. Apple stores won't upgrade the hard drive, but usually 3rd party Apple authorized service providers will. However, Apple techs are people, and if they can't see any damage, and you admit to nothing, they'll usually give you the benefit of the doubt and cover the repair.

My recommendation is to replace the SSD drive with the original, test the RAM slots just in case the SSD SATA connectors are doing something wonky, and if they haven't changed, take it to a store for service. Tell them you have a bad RAM slot and nothing else. If you do that, they'll test the slot, replace the MLB and send you on your way. Replace the drive again when you get home. If the SSD drive is still in the system when they open it, they are ethically bound by policy to contact you, requote for accidental damage and charge you for the repair rather than cover it under warranty. Again, a 3rd party Apple service provider may be more lenient if you want to take your chances and leave the drive in place.
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