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Ok, this may take a bit of writing, but here goes. I am 100% new to the MacWorld. I have been doing non-linear, digital editing on a PC for 12 years. It was time to get a new computer for primarily editing and special effects So 2 guys at our station talked me into buying the imac27 inch with the 2.93 Ghz Intel Core i7, Memory 8 GB, Intel series 5 chipset, quad 4 processor, with a 1TB capacity. We loaded Adobe CS5 (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc) for Mac on it, along with about 12 or 14 plug-ins from Red Giant. The plug-ins were mostly for After Effects, but a couple of them also were loaded into Premiere Pro.

First we had a problem where it would not recognize the firewire and had to have the whole plug panel on the back replaced. Went to the shop for that.

Last week I began editing my FIRST EVER project in Premiere Pro on the thing. So this meant the hard drive, the memory, the caches, everything were empty....nothing clogging them up or slowing them down. In 4 days I canít even remember how many times it crashed HARD while working. Was it 8 times, or 10 times? I just donít remember. The crashes are two different kinds too. One where an error report comes us and it tells you ďPre Pro has experienced a failure and must shut downÖstuff may or may not be saved, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then, the other crash is where all of a sudden the rainbow wheel comes up, everything is locked and the little wheel spins and spins and spins. That happened a bunch of times too and the only solution was to physically turn the whole computer up and restart, hoping for the best.

The first crash I realized my auto save was set for 20 minutes because when I restarted I had lost a bunch of stuff. So I reset auto save to 4 minutes. Then on top of that I started saving on my own constantly. Well, it could care less. After one of the crashes it lost stuff way beyond the 4 minute auto save or my manual saves. It lost a bunch.

Then thereís the rendering issue. The very first and ONLY project in the hard-drive is this 30 second spot I started working on last week. Itís the FIRST project ever put on the machine. Yet, I canít do the SIMPLEST of moves or applying of preset effects in my timeline without having to do a full render. Literally, I move a clip 3 frames in the timeline, re-render. I add a simple dissolve, re-render. I trim a clip. Re-render. I delete a clip, re render. On and on and on. NOTHING can be done to the timeline without complete re-renders, or you just can't watch the freezes up and lags behind the actual real time playing. I spent more time rendering than I did editing. Hundreds and hundreds of renders I had to sit thru. It reminds me of how we had to produce products 10 years ago when ALL computers were slow and we had to render all the time. But still, NOTHING has compared to how much Iíve had to render this simple 30 second spot.

Yesterday I turned it on. Opened Premiere Pro, imported in ONE 20 second clip of video, and it crashed. Error report came up...a 48 page error report.

So you can see why I do not like this computer...I do not like it Sam I am.

Any help, suggestions, comments, ideas, or thoughts would be appreciated. My thoughts? I want to ship this thing back, get my money back and buy a PC... Someone want to tell me what I did wrong and talk me out of it?!!!

Thanks all.
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