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Originally Posted by Printerman View Post
Ugh sorry about the last unfinished post, I accidentally hit post quick reply before I was done, and you can't edit posts in the mobil le version.

Nope. Nearly 100% sure your files are lost. That's the point if filevault. No one is supposed to be able to access your files without the password. That's why most of us urge for people not to use it unless absolutely necessary.
I here ya. Ya I wish I was the one who added the new software. I was un aware the were on lock down so much. is it possible to remove the hard drives and transfer to another hard drive? I guess I'm asking is the encryprion based on the motherboard or in each HD?

Second questions is if Mac OS X was install the "recommend" way. (just regular chick, install) will my documents be in my "home folder"?

Third, I have two HD 60G's I believe OS X is installed only on the primary HD. if I pull the second HD...whip computer clean and install back in to a fresh computer, will I have the documents from HD 2??????

Thanks for the ear/help
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