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So here is the story. My wife and I own a 03 Mac G4 with new software OS X 10.4. well new at the time I bought it. anyways, the samsung power supply went out on the computer two years ago. The computer I dont care about that much but what is on the hard drive I do. So i just completed installing all the parts needed and as soon as I turnned the computer on..... yep it ask me for a code my wife put on. (its her computer. I know. i know. she cant remeber the login and password. Key problem is the home folder is "filevaulted"

So, i have been searching the web for any headway. below is a list of my pro's and cons.

- I have the mac OS X software complete in package.
- and I have internet.

- I do not have the master login/password
-don't have a the correct password nor login.

all i care about is pulling the documents from the two hard drives I.E. pictures, video, documents, music.


How do I get into my old computer? stats if you lost your admint password on a filevault home folder your F*&^ked.

Is my music/photos/documents in my home folder? regular set-up was done when OS X was installed. can i reboot mac and still have what I am trying to pull off the hard drives?

can I pull the harddrives and transfer the information onto another hardrive???? then whip my computer clean?????

PLease advice if you know a way.

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