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I'm working on a new Macbook Pro.

I have a comcast cable modem and a linksys WRT54gy router.

Wireless set up:
closed network
WEP password
ip address and all that good stuff shows up
configured as DHCP

I've tried resetting all the devices.
The direct ethernet connection is working as that is how I am connected right now, so I can't blame comast.

I've never once had an issue in over 8 months of using this router.
What could be the problem!!!!!

My aiport appears on my menu bar with a full signal and says I am connected to my usual home network but when I open firefox or safari it says I am not connected.....

My system preferences panel also shows my airport with a green light

This happened last night, but I arrived on campus this morning the airport and internet worked just fine....hmmmm

What the h is goin on here!!!

Thanks for any help!!!!
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