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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
The price is pretty attractive on the 1.25ghz eMac ($75 shipped vs. $125 shipped for the 1.42ghz if you did the "Buy It Now")...but I think that I would go for the 1.42ghz model not only for the positives that I mentioned before...but because the e-Bay seller seems to have put more effort into they're auction (more pictures).

Also...the 1.42ghz emac has twice the hard drive (40 gig vs. 80 gig)...and twice the ram (256meg vs. 512meg)...neither of these is major...since you may want to upgrade them even further. And...the seller of the 1.25ghz eMac mentions that no OS is on the hard you will been an OS install disk if you don't have one...the 1.42ghz model appears to have an OS (10.4) on the HD.

It also seems that the 1.25ghz e-Bay seller is more of a "high-volume" sort of person...has over 28,000 feedback & calls themselves "hightech-assets". The seller of the 1.42ghz eMac although they have over 2000 feedback...does not look like they are quite as high volume.

Finally...both sellers offer a 30 day warranty. The 1.42ghz warranty is a 30 day DOA warranty vs. a 30 day warranty for the 1.25ghz eMac. The seller of the 1.42ghz eMac also mentions that it's an "off-lease" it probably has lots of hours on's not just some individuals computer that's been sitting in the closet for the last couple years. I would assume that the 1.25ghz eMac is well used as well.

Hope this helps,

- Nick
Well, the 1.42 has free shipping, and it works out to $85 to be shipped here on the 1.25, I think I will go for the 1.42 at $100.
Additionally I have a copy of 10.4 server.
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