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Looking around to see how much it would be to upgrade to 'leopard', I spotted some posts (not here) that said that the "Snow Leopard" upgrade for "Leopard" had upgraded this chaps "Tiger" to "Leopard" and others on the posts agreed and added, but with no detail, that you have to remove most applications and reload them. I have bought the "Snow Leopard 10.6" (not a pirate copy) My questions are:- Which applications do I have to remove and reload; How do I do that; Will my internet connections be affected. Can you please give me any advice. I cannot afford to do the 'proper' upgrade. My machine is an iMac 2.16 Ghz core 2 duo and memory uprated from 1 GB to 2 GB purchased new in May 2007 (using Tiger 10.4.11). Thank you very much
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