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there are a number of ways to accomplish what you desire. What I am describing is the *nix way via command line. There may be an easier way via the GUI but I never bothered learning it.

1) Open a terminal
2) type "cd ~;ls -l"

without going into detail "drwx------" means only you have access to the directory. "drwxr-xr-x" means you have read/write rights and everyone else can read as well as get directory listings. So we want to change the latter to the former.
3) from our home directory (which you should be in unless you changed it) type :
"chmod -R og-rwx 'dirty movies'"
in order this command says we are:
a) changing permissions (chmod)
b) want the change to effect all subfolders (-R)
c) the change is to the permissions of others and the group (og)
d) we are removing read, write, and execute rights (-rwx)
e) on the directory 'dirty movies'

NOTE: you will need the single quotes if there is a space in the name such as 'dirty movies'. Further while your family will not be able to enter the folder they will be aware there is a folder called 'dirty movies' so I suggest sticking such a folder inside a more innocently named folder that only you have access to.

for more reading on this esoteria you can use the command "man chmod"

hope that helps.
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