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I don't know if this is "normal", but I don't find it logic, so I googled about 1/2hrs for it, but didn't find anything usefull.

I have 3 accounts on my mac X.2.8, that's me, my brother, and my dad.

You all know the Home folder, where you find the folders "Images", "Music", "Sites", "Public", "Documents", etc.

As you probably know, the HOME directory can be opened by other accounts (when THEY log in). But they can't open what's inside the HOME dir (e.g. my brother can see what's inside my Home, but he can't see the songs in my music folder). The only 2 folders in your Home that can be opened by others, are "Public" and "Sites".

So far, no problem. But when I make a new folder inside my Home (let's call it "Dirty Movies"), then by default any user has read/write permissions for it. I don't find this logic.

I tried to restore the permissions via several ways (reboot with cd, and via terminal), but the home directories remain untouched/unrepaired.

Is this
A) a security issue that cannot be solved, and shold I change permissions for every new folder I make in the Home? or
B) something I messed up...?

I'm not a Win fan, but I must say, in XpPro you can set permissions for a directory, and set/unset that this directory should automatically copy the same permissions for new items created inside. E.g. I can set it for my Home dir, and every new folder created inside the Home, gets te same permissions.
Can this be done with OsX.2.8?

Thanks in advance
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