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sorry i should not have even mentioned photos - it was probably pointless info.

The Pictures are taken on my proper camera (SLR) then downloaded, photoshopped, captioned etc on my laptop. Then i have to use the iphone to work as a modem to email the pictures and covering letter to various picture desks.

Essentially the problem is that i need to be able to plug the phone into both my G5 (in the office) and my Macbook (when out and about). I can't risk having to resync and loose stuff already on the phone (like new contacts/text messages and emails) every time i plug it into the laptop.

The hacks that have been listed on various sites apparently only worked for itunes 8 and before but my itunes is updated to the latest version..

maybe i could downgrade (if possible with out loosing everything) then use the hack??
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