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I am trying to use my iphone as a modem when out and about so that I can email pictures to magazines and newspapers.
I have susposedly sorted out the tethering but the phone is sync'd to my desktop G5. When trying to plug it into my Macbook it asks me to sync it to the laptop which would mean is gets "un-sync'd" to the desktop.
I need it to be able to be happily plugged into both the G5 and the Macbook with out having it have this syncing issue everytime I swap from one to the other
I have looked about on the internet and it seems that you used to be able to do something to itunes so that the phone would sync to 2 computers but not with the newer versions of itunes - i.e itunes10
I have to get this sorted with in the next few hours as I have a job first thing in the morning when I need this to work....
any suggestions anyone? ( I did a search for this topic but very surprised that nothing seems to have been discussed on this before - i'm sure it has but my search came up with nothing)
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