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Hello All:

By way of introduction, I am an attorney/solo practitioner who recently made the "switch" in a very big way ... iMac, MacAir, iPad, iPhone, with MobileMe. Once I get myself situated, I am switching my whole office.

As part of the technology upgrade, I invested in a ScanSnap S1500M, with the intent to go paperless (to the extent possible). I really like the scanner -- small, fast, effective -- but the ScanSnap Manager software leaves a lot to be desired. The scanner comes with Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 and, by default, the ScanSnap will create searchable PDFs.

But when I scan, I am forced to "prename" the document (either by date or a set name with number extension) and have the document placed in a set file location ("Scans"). I could probably live with the latter, but it is really annoying to have to go in after every scan, find it and then rename the document. At a minimum, I would like the ability to name the document BEFORE ScanSnap saves it as something else. It would be even better if I could write rules that would do the filing for me.

Best real example of what I would like to do ... Scan old paper files, have the software name the document (or at least pause so that I can name it) and then drop it into the correct folder and/or subfolder.

So here are my questions:

1. Am I simply missing something? Do I already have the capability to do this, with ScanSnap Manager or Adobe Acrobat Pro 8, and I just do not know or understand how to use my existing software?

2. Does the new Adobe Acrobat X Pro include this functionality?

3. I have read reviews of four different "file organizer" programs specifically designed for Mac -- Hazel, DevonThink, Yep, and Paperless -- and played around with DevonThink yesterday, but honestly, I am already feeling a bit overwhelmed by my "switch" and I would prefer to find a simple solution for now.

4. Is there an AppleScript that would work here?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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