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thank you s2odin for your detail reply!

i see that MBP 15" is the best option but also the most expensive.. From what you wrote, and from what i read from some articles, I should definitely avoid MB Air because it cannot be upgraded what I will do in future with MBP.

So, if I choose MBP 13, thing that bothers me is that it has Core Duo which is on market from '06... I surly know that i5 is newer but here in Croatia is very big price difference between start models (MBP 13", 2,4GHZ Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, 250 HD, GeForce 320M - about $1737 vs. MBP15" 2,4GHZ i5, 4GB RAM, 320 HD, Intel HD Graphics, GeForce GT 330M, 256 MB about $2671). So, as I sad, i was using Vaio with Core Duo, and was endurable, but of-course, as technology grows so do programs demand more powerful processors. Also, one thing that borders me is that next year is coming OS Lion as replacement for OS Leopard, and am afraid that Core Duo could be slow for that new OS... Maybe I'm wrong because I don't know much about it.

So is the price difference that big as are Core 2 Duo and i5, considering that I can upgrade both of them to 8 GB RAM for some time...?

Also, thanks for recommendations in the bottom of the top!!!
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