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Hi Guys,
As the title says, I have given myself a headache just thinking about installing an Anti-Virus programme on my Mac Mini Aluminium. My problem is that I have Parallels installed with Windows XP. Now, before I switched, which was about 5 weeks ago, XP was my main Operating System and for AV software I used Avast. I had used it for a few years and I was very happy with it. To further complicate matters, Avast don't seem to do a Mac version.
To complicate things even more, my home network still has Windows based computers running on it. My wife can't use Mac software (to old, lol) and there is still a laptop and a netbook on XP and 7. So I figured that my Mac needed AV even if just to stop any virus from spreading through the network to the other PCs.

But here's my problem. Do I get a Mac AV or a Windows AV?
Will a Mac AV detect any problems within the XP bit of Parallels?
Will a Mac AV prevent any nasties from migrating to the XP area of my hard disc and from there to other areas of the home network?
Do I need to get both kinds and save them to specific areas?

Lastly, and I surely hope this is the case, am I overthinking the problem and there is a very simple solution?

Cheers for any info,

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