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Greetings everyone...

This is my first post, so I hope you'll all be helpful and help me decide what laptop should I buy..

Now I use Sony Vaio AR51SU (17") and it is just too large laptop for me. I'd like to switch to OS-x and definitely decided to buy macbook!
Currently, i use laptop for internet searching, writing some seminars for my college, watching HD movies, and so one, for now, nothing special...
Also, planing to use photoshop and maybe some other programs, like to try to program some iphone apps and so... nothing special..

So, my question is... Which model should I buy? Macbook Air 13 with 1,86GHz Core duo, Macbook Pro 13 with 2,4GHz Core Duo or to buy Macbook Pro 15 with 2,4GHz i5 and why?
I was closest to buy Air, but guys from Appstore told me not to buy it, but to buy Macbook Pro.. Their argument was that Air is mostly for journalists and people who travel a lot.. For me, the most important thing about my new laptop is to be very quick, practical and that i don't get some issues with programs and slow processing... Also using desktop PC at home so should keep that on mind...

Hope to get some good answers and sorry if my English is not perfect...

Thanx in advance!!
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