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I have just pulled my old iMac out of storage after a 7 year hibernation.
I connected it to the Internet however the browser (IE for Mac) is no longer supported and won't properly run current web pages.
The specs on the machine are as follows:
700MHz G4 processor
256K on-chip level 2 cache running at 700MHz
256MB SDRAM supports up to 1GB
40GB hard disk.

This machine came with Mac OS9 and OSX (I think it's a first generation G4?)

My questions are as follows:

1. What is the most current OS I could upgrade to (that the machine would still run) and roughly how much $ is that upgrade going to cost?

2. Obviously if I upgrade the OS, I'd have to upgrade the RAM to 1GB. Is that enough for current day standard?

3. If I do steps 1 and 2, does anyone think I can make this machine 2010 (and beyond) web worthy?

4. If not, what should I do with this machine, is it worth any $? It's in mint condition. I still have the original box, packing material, and all associated paperwork.

Thanks for your time reading and posting your thoughts!

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