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well, maybe - but surely mic level wouldn't have anything to do with line out or HP jack

I do have another piece of data...
if I run the audio out through my Griffin iMic via USB, the fuzzy goes away.
You should also take into account that this same thing has happened on two separate computers - the fact that they happen, at the moment, to be in the same house doesn't detract from the fact that this is occurring on more than one computer.
Maybe everyone else doesn't notice, or simply accepts the distortion, or perhaps doesn't want to complain about it.

When all other possibilities have been exhausted, whatever is left - NO MATTER HOW ILLOGICAL IT MAY SEEM HAS to be the answer.... (Conan Doyle)

therefore, based on these facts...
the distortion only shows up when connecting the audio line to the headphone jack on two intel imacs.
It does not appear when the same cable is connected to the headphone jack on any other computer in the house.
It does not appear when the audio signal is obtained via USB from the imacs.
It does appear if headphones are plugged directly into the headphone jack of the intel macs....

I deduce that at least two of the intel grade imacs have a defective headphone jack or or, at least, a defect on that part of the audio card system.
These two machines were purchased through two different means over a year apart - one new, one used.
The only common link that they share is the comparative age and the intel processor... and, that they have both lived in this house.
I don't think that house is haunted, or that it contains some malevolent spirit or person who would sabotage the computers in this curious way.
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