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Just for the info...
I decided to price a few G5s on ebay and found one.... so I downloaded the specs/manual and read it to see if it would indeed do what I wish it to do.. it appears that it does.. since it has several audio out options.
BUT... I did find this curious admonition in the instructions (emphasis added) and it suggested to me that there might indeed be some kind of reason not to use the headphone jack to take audio to an amp.
Anyone know why the G5 makes this distinction?

Connecting Audio Devices
Your Power Mac G5 comes with comprehensive audio capabilities, including a
headphone jack on the front and optical digital audio out, optical digital audio in,
analog audio line-out, and analog audio line-in ports on the back.
Optical Digital Audio Ports
You can use a digital optical or Toslink cable to connect Digital Audio Tape (DAT) decks
or CD players to the optical digital audio in port and input and mix your own music.
You can also connect an audio or AV receiver to the optical digital audio out port and
set up a Power Mac G5–based home theater system.
Headphone Jack
You can plug headphones into the computer’s headphone jack. When a plug is inserted
into this jack, your internal built-in speaker is muted.
Important: Do not plug line-out devices into the headphone jack. Use the analog lineout
port on the back instead.

Analog Audio Ports
You can connect external microphones or other audio equipment to the analog
minijacks on the back of the computer. Use the Sound pane of System Preferences to
select the audio input or output device you want to use.

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