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I think we're talking around the same tree here.. but, in the interests of actually accumulating some helpful data here are some more facts...
I have the same several drawers and boxes of cables, everything from my old Tandy model 100, through the original apple products and up to this day... I have - as my wife will attest - no compunction about buying yet another cable... it ain't about the money so please stop suggesting that I'm just too cheap to try other methods.
I tried the compressed air thingy... thought better of the damp q-tip and my nearest apple store is several light years away from my precarious position perched on the edge of the Pennine chain in Northern England. See, I never should have left North Richland Hills....
I'm honestly not opposed to trying your suggestions re optical cables... I got excited for a minute when I say the link for the splitter, but it apparently then requires my second monitor to also have an optical input and, of course, it doesn't.
It just seems silly that a system that works perfectly well with an emac (or, for that matter, my iPhone) needs to have such a dog and pony show to do the same job on this hitek gleaming beast which cost a whole elephantful o' money more than all my other gear in total....
And, just so's you know, I'm not looking for sympathy either... just asking a question.
It appears that the answer is, "nope, haven't heard of this issue - I don't have it on MY imacs.." and then I know that, before I get my next supermac, I'll take my headphones with me and plug 'em in at the store...
but if I have the same issue then I, as a rational adult pragmatic person of some six decades would have to deduce that there IS an inherent hardware problem with this machine and, despite me being the only person on the **** planet to have noticed it, it IS a real problem.
I'm just curious, are you saying that you have duplicated my efforts with your own imacs and found them just fine... or are you, in fact, simply saying that you've never noticed such behaviour through the headphone jack... and could that be because you don't actually use the analogue jack?
I'm just asking cos it SOUNDS like you're pretty much of a digital audio devotee... and so may never have actually plugged the analogue output into your stereo.
Meanwhile, I DO appreciate your efforts to assist me in this apparent audio hallucination and the time that you have taken to set me on the right track.. it just doesn't seem that the track you suggest answers the problems as I have laid them out.
Ah well, c'est la vie, y'all.
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