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My apologies to the poster and the forum - I didn't realise that intel as the ONLY option had been around that long... and I just assumed that a 2007 machine probably wasn't an intel. Ya live and learn.

Your question makes much sense but, in reverse, if the same setup works just fine with all the other macs (and even my son's PC) in this house, then it's highly unlikely that it's an issue with the cable, or the amp.... although I HAVE tried the other input option on the amp.. and, as I said, the same thing happens when I plug my phones directly into the macjack..
Since, although I haven't - in a cursory search - discovered anyone else with exactly the same problems as myself, I have certainly found many posts concerning other audio issues with these machines (drop outs, channels missing, no audio on certain apps and other squirrely annoyances, I don't find it THAT big a stretch to suggest that there MAY be an inherent issue with the actual audio hardware in the imac intels... and you note yourself that you have frequently found the input/output jack to be an issue in producing fuzzy sound.
And, y'know, I was just asking for help - did you intend for your final sentence to sound so condescending?
(not that I would find much wrong with being stuck in the past, but I'm not.)
As I pointed out, the issue with an adapter is that I then lose the option to use a second monitor with sound and - if there IS a hardware issue in the output jack, the adapter will just be a waste of money since the ones suggested all use a similar physical jack to access the sound card.
hence my dilemma.
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