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It's making me NUTS...
When I first upgraded from a power PC to the 20" imac intel.. I loved everything about it EXCEPT..
I run iTunes all day long.. with a line directly from the headphone jack to my "tape" inputs on the amp. And the sound is "Fuzzy" - like it was distorted.
Over time, I tried everything. The imac itself produced lovely clear sound.. but anything plugged into the HP jack got fuzzy sound - including headphones.
I kinda got used to it over time, and then I got an emac to use basically as a jukebox, sharing my library. Plugged the line into the emac headphone jack and got nice clear sound.
I figured I must have a bad audio card or something. I KNOW I didn't blow it out - I don't listen that loud and I usually have the line out at half volume.
It was a clumsy workaround but it worked and I knew that I would be upgrading the imac soon - which I did, about two months ago.
Convinced that my emac-juke days were over, I packed it away in the attic and prepared to bask in the beautiful sound from this gleaming new 24" monster on my desk... and, of course, I'm getting the same fuzzy sound.

Now, I find myself in the position of changing 'puters again.. and I'm wondering if
a - am I the only person on the planet with this fuzzy imac intel audio isssue?
b - Is it true of ALL intel imacs?
c - Is it a hardware or a software issue?
d - Is there a fix for it?

I should add that I have done several searches about this issue and found others who have different audio problems with the imac (Loss of channel or background hum) - and I don't have ANY of these, so I suppose I should count myself fortunate, but this a real pain in the audio.
I don't really NEED to have an intel machine - except simply to have the latest OS benefits, and I'm sorely tempted to get a G5 Power PC with all it's various audio ins and outs -
waddya think?
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