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I dragged this from another forum, so credit to this guy not me if it helps lol:

in iDVD it's not exactly possible to make a DVD without menu, but there's a few workarounds:

1. Easy: Drop your iMovie in the autoplay box in iDVD's Map View, then set your autoplay item (your movie) to loop continously. Disadvantage: The DVD plays until you hit stop on the remote

2. Still easy: If you don't want your (autoplay) movie to loop, you can create a black theme"by replacing the background of a static theme with a black background and no content in the dropzone (text needs to be black as well). Disadvantage: The menu is still there and will play after the movie. You don't see it, but your disc keeps spinning in the player.
On the other hand, you could also place a text saying "The End" in that menu ....

3. Easy enough but needs 3rd party software: Toast lets you burn your iMovie to DVD without menu - just un-check the appropriate check box

4. The "hard way": postproduction with myDVDedit
Tools necessary: myDVDedit ( myDVDEdit :: Home )

• create a disc image of your iDVD project, then double-click to mount it.
• Extract the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders to a location of your choice. select the VIDEO_TS folder and hit Cmd + I to open the Inspector window
• Set permissions to "read & write" and include all enclosed items; Ignore the warning.
• Open the VIDEO_TS folder with myDVDedit. You'll find all items enclosed in your DVD in the left hand panel.
• Select the menu (usually named VTS Menu) and delete it
• Choose from the menu File > Test with DVD Player to see if your DVD behaves as planned.If it works save and close myDVDedit.
• Before burning the folders to Video DVD, set permissions back to "read only", then create a disc image burnable with Disc Utility from a VIDEO_TS folder using Laine D. Lee's DVD Imager:
DVD Imager Help

hope this helps

- Simon

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