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I'm looking at buying a new mac for work (I work as a graphic designer) and I'm looking at the following machines as I really could do with upgrading my old G5 to an Intel, but it needs to be one which will still run Leopard (Snow Leopard doesn't agree with my printer and a few of the applications I need).

2009 Mac Mini
Apple Mac mini 2.53GHz 320GB Desktop Computer - Jigsaw Systems Ltd


Mac Pro 2006 Model with dual core 3.0Ghz, 4Gb ram (8x512mb) New 1TB Hard drive and 1 years warranty @ 1295.

I mainly work with Adobe CS3, quark etc. I appreciate I'll be giving up the expandability and storage if I buy a Mini, but is the Mac Pro going to be that much better in terms of speed and useability?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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