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" These are not two separate libraries, they are the same library.

When you run the program the way it is supposed to be run, syncing is not an issue.[/QUOTE]"

Most of my problems recently have been with iPad (not Pod) where you can have the 'same' library but different content because you can download independent of your PC. This probably applies to an iPod with WiFi as well.

Where I went wrong initially (and I believe a lot of people do the same) is with the Sync tick option in iTunes. Particularly with the earlier versions. If you removed the tick from a sync option (music,apps,photos...) it basically tells iTunes to delete everything from your device. There were no warnings! (I believe the new version does have a warning.) This happened when I started with the Sync option ticked and I decided to try manual and see how it worked. Opps..too late. But it was resolved by re-syncing which of course can takes ages depending on the size of your library.

I think the point people want to make here is iTunes is not very user friendly especially for those who are not very techy or new to iTunes. It could do with a clear and concise tutorial/manual explaining the options and how they work. Even the tutorial that it presently has assumes that you already understand what syncing is.

To tick or not to tick, that is the question. Or is it tick with sync or tick with manual or no tick. I'm ticked!
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