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I read the long post and agree 100%. The syncing in iTunes is the worst most un-user friendly program I have ever used. (And I have worked in the I.T. field for years.) I have lost tons of time, music, apps ....trying to use it.

For me to sync is simple, if I have songs A B C on my PC and songs D E F on my iPod, when I sync I want A B C D E F on both devices. The End. How hard can that be?

For music I have found that manually managing it is the most safe way. You just drag over what you want from iTunes to your devices and highlight what you don't want on your device and delete it. I'm not sure that Apps and other stuff works as easily manually. I have not explored those as much.

I love Mac but I hate iTunes. With so many people complaining you think Mac would listen to their customers and get it right.
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