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Originally Posted by design2
i also agree some sites should have been made in xhtml/css and would have been faster
but flash gives internet sites another dimension of motion which adds professionalism and dynamics to websites. you shouldnt dismiss flash b'cos u prefer static xhtml sites, unfortunately or fortunately they are the future at the moment and more and more people are requesting flash built websites. so as a designer u have to follow the industry path, learning and adapting to provide for all types of clients and requests.

I don't see that. Flash seems to be less popular now than it was 3 or 4 years ago, probably for exactly the reasons listed. It only seems to be used for gags or adverts.

I suspect part of the problem may be that it is too good - the 'creative' possibilites with flash are way beyond those of simple HTML, but what you end up with is a 1680kb flash page doing functionally the same as a 7k HTML page, albeit with some spiffy things going on.

But for me, that novelty wore off a long time ago. I never wait for Flash sites to load. If there's no skip intro button, I go elsewhere.

Nothing personal, but it just removes the advantage of client side processing for me.
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