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Hi all,

I'm running a tri-boot system with rEFIt on my MacBook Pro 7,1 unibody 17":

1. Mac OSX Snow Leopard
2. Gentoo Linux ~amd64
3. Windows 7 x64

I've managed to make all of these bootable and configured the first two. However, drivers for Windows 7 seem to be very elusive.

I can't use Boot Camp to install my Windows 7 because I partitioned with gparted and Boot Camp refuses to recognise the ntfs partition which exists.

I don't have a Snow Leopard DVD anywhere near me (I'm at University several hundred miles from home, where it is) and I've been informed the drivers are on there. Can anyone help me locate them on the web, or otherwise provide them to me?

Doesn't Work At All:
- Trackpad (multitouch and two finger right click don't work)
- Wifi (it's the Broadcom one, STA driver works in Linux but I can't seem to find a Windows one)

- Audio Cirrus Logic CS4206A (have found a driver for it but it doesn't work with headphones or microphone)
- Keyboard Layout (I made one with a freeware tool but it's far from perfect, and the media keys don't work)

- NVIDIA Graphics (NVIDIA driver works fine)

Any help would be much appreciated.
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