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Originally Posted by hughvane View Post
There seems to be a problem with mail protocols, but why it's happening with Apple Mail I'm unable to say.

Have you tried a different email application, eg. Thunderbird? Or one of these Top 10 Free Mac Email Programs - About Email

Further, what happens if you use webmail to access your emails? Cumbersome, I know, but we're trying to establish causes and eliminate problems. Does the body text of In mail show in webmail?
Thanks very much for trying to help me, I do appreciate it.

I don't think webmail can help here, because this behaviour happens long after the emails are downloaded from the server. The emails are downloaded from the server (and instantly deleted from the server), and then sit in my inbox, absolutely fine. The problem only arises when I move them, and only in maybe 1% or so of emails. I actually suspect the problem is something to do with renaming mailboxes when they are open.

All email is fine in the first instance, the problem only arises a week or two later.

I have some more information.

If I click on 'Mailbox > Rebuild' the culprit email completely disappears. This tells me something. It tells me that when this behaviour happens, the email is actually being deleted (hence there is no way I can EVER get it back), but it is not deleting the details from the index file of that mailbox. So when this happens, the email is truly lost, it just LOOKS like it's still there because the 'from', 'to', 'subject', etc, information is being retained.

Having said this, I also have said that sometimes the emails magically 'come back'. It appears to me that sometimes the culprit email immediately 'comes back' if I quickly quit and reopen mail, and sometimes it doesn't. If it doesn't come back fairly quickly, then it appears to be lost forever.

I haven't tried an using another email program, because I would have to try for an extended period of time to test it and having started now with Mac Mail and having about 76,000 emails on it, I don't really fancy changing.

I haven't noticed the problem now in 4 days. I've been a lot more careful with re-naming mailboxes (always ensuring they are closed when I do it). I don't know for certain this is the cause of the problem, it's just a feeling I get.

To give a sense of volume I get about 20 to 30 emails a day that I need to keep (i.e. emails that are not spam and need an action by me or at least need to be filed). I get maybe just as many spam emails and of course instantly delete them. It's the 90/10 rule here, email address#1 get 90% 'real' emails and 10% spam, email address#2 (an older one I don't really use much anymore) gets 90% spam and 10% 'real' emails.

All the culprit emails have been from or two email address#1, but I don't think that really means anything because 90% of all my emails these days are from or to email address #1.
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