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On the left hand side of the page in my Mac Mail are of course all the mailboxes.

There is a section called 'MAILBOXES' under which are my inboxes (2 of them, as I am running two email addresses), which currently hold approximately 12,000 emails, Drafts, Sent, Trash and Junk (by the way nothing ever seems to go in Junk).

Then there is a section called 'REMINDERS' under which is 'Notes'.

Then there is a section called 'RSS' under which is 'Apple Hot News'.

Then there is a section called 'ON MY MAC' under which I have many mailboxes (more than 100) in a tree structure holding some 64,000 emails accumulated over the last 10 years or so.

At the top level under 'ON MY MAC' is a mailbox named '* TO DO (oneoffs in here)'. On the level immediately under that mailbox there are about 25 mailboxes, the first 4 of which start with numbers. One of those is '4 Advertising sales'. Under '4 Advertising sales' are 7 mailboxes one of which is named 'Media kit'.

By the way, I don't always let mailboxes list in alphabetical order, sometimes I manually change the order to one that is not alphabetical, but makes more sense to me.

I just had the '* TO DO (oneoffs in here)' mailbox expanded, and under that the '4 Advertising sales' mailbox expanded, and under that the 'Media kit' mailbox selected. At that moment, I decided to change the name of the '4 Advertising sales' mailbox to '5 Advertising sales'. When I tried to do that I got an error message saying I couldn't do that, BUT what also happened was that at the bottom of the mailboxes directly under '*TO DO (oneoffs in here)', a new mailbox was created named '5 Advertising sales' (it was greyed out to indicate there were no emails in it) and under that just one new mailbox was created named 'Media kit' (but it was NOT greyed out). Neither of these new mailboxes had anything in them.

Worse, now ALL mailboxes under and including '4 Advertising sales' appeared totally empty. They were not greyed out, and the emails really were still in there, but when selecting any of those 8 mailboxes, nothing at all came up in the list of emails (note this is different to the behaviour when the emails come up but when you click on the email nothing comes up in the preview pane).

Next, I quit Mac Mail and reopened. Magically all the emails had returned to those eight mailboxes. The phantom mailboxes were still there. I deleted the phantom mailboxes, all good, no change. Now I tried repeating the behaviour (changing the name of '4 Advertising sales' to '5 Advertising sales') and it work just fine! Go figure.

No damage done this time, but it is a similar behaviour - creating phantom mailboxes.

Does anybody have any ideas? My main concern of course remains the losing of the data inside some emails randomly.
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