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I'm using a MacBook Pro, Mac OS X version 10.6.4.

I'm using the standard Mac Mail client that came with the computer.

The most bizzare thing just started happening.

Occasionally, for no apparent reason, when I go to an email, it's completely blank (I mean COMPLETELY - no header information, nothing) and it can't be moved.

An example will illustrate:

I send an email from me 'AWS' to 'MrX' with subject 'Stuff'.

It sits merrily in my sent emails. After a while I move it to a mailbox 'box1'. A week later I move it to another mailbox 'box2'. So far so good.

Then, later that day, I click on the email heading line in the list of emails in mailbox 'box2' - and suddenly, the preview pane is blank. 100% blank. If I double click the email details (from, to, subject) to open up the email in its own window, I see nothing in that window - BUT all the correct details are still in the line for that email in the mailbox.

If I print it, I get a blank page.

If I try to move it to any other mailbox at all (including where it came from) (call the new mailbox 'box3'), I get an error message 'The message “Stuff” could not be moved to the mailbox “box 3 — On My Mac”.

Basically - I've completely lost the email. VERY DISASTROUS!!

I think (but I'm not sure yet) that this behaviour only happens with emails I have sent (not received), and it only seems to happen a few days or a week AFTER I created the email, and only if I move it from one mailbox to another.

HELP!!!! I've searched everywhere but I can't find anyone else having this same issue.
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