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Yesterday my screen was all white, i hooked up the external connection to my projector and i saw the desktop, with my laptop screen still white. I thought there might be a loose connection or something so i started to wiggle the screen open and close (about 4-5 inches in movement) and then all of sudden the computer turned off.

I tried to turn it back on but it would start up, the fans would kick on and then 2 seconds later turn off without chiming.

Today i took the laptop appart and removed the screen, i tried powering on the laptop without the screen and it chimes and stays on, i tried hooking up external projector but the image is just black and it looks like the laptop did not start to boot. I hooked the screen back in and the computer did not chime again (did not pass post).

So my question is: can i use the macbook pro without the screen attached or does something need to be connected in order for the laptop to function.

Sorry for the long write up.
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