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On May 5th I purchased a 17" 2.0 Ghz iMac G5 from my local Apple store, and was very happy with it, but had a few hardware issues with the video cutting out. This had been occuring from day 1 of owning the iMac. Also, one of the first things I noticed about the iMac was that it was very very loud and my fans were always coming on, even from just opening a few applications such as iChat, Mail, and Safari and when I would rip on of my CD's into itunes, it was so loud it sounded like an airplain on my desk. Now, I have been using and IBM Thinkpad for the past 8+ years, and my latest one (T30) is rather loud when I have it in my docking station, so I am somewhat used to less than quiet systems.

Well today I had had enough today with the hardware failures and exchanged my 17" iMac for a new one at the applestore, but instead of getting another 17" I picked up a 20" since they had them in stock.

As soon as I powered the unit up I noticed that the 20" monitor is so much nicer than the 17". While I haven't looked at the specs beyond the resolution, the 20" seems to have a much better viewing angle. Also, this unit is whisper quiet. Both mine and my wife's cousin's iMac (purchased same model, the same day) are equally loud.

Just my observations, but just on the noise alone I would have purchased the 20" if I knew it ahead of time.

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