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thank you all for your suggestions.

Special thanks go to "chas m"...

I am often overseas both in Asia, and Europe. Depending on the region in Europe and Asia some Hotels have "OPEN WIFI" either on the floor or in the room itself.

I am also often in China, and most hotels dont have neither open wifi or wifi in rooms but rather cable based connections.

Firstly, I am interested in secure surfing, and in case my device gets stolen, I want to make sure I can pin point where it is. I am not an expert in IT matters, but know few things. You dont believe how venerable you can be if your IT system gets stolen. Even if you have a password protection, your system could get stolen - do you know how east it is for an expert to recover all your data from your system!
My intention would be to prevent that...

I read about this issue in the past and came across a real-life case, where someone had his laptops stolen. He had some sort of a shareware or something like that, that he installed into his systems. And indeed, he was able to track the whereabouts of his systems. As he remembered his username / passsword for this tracking software; I lost my notes so cant remember what the exact keywords were about that...!

Chas m, could I ask do you have yourself user experience with "MI FI"/ AirportExpress?

Being often in China, I would like to take advantage of VPN!

Anyone, having user experience with VPN, or similar functional stuff such as "masks" out of university labs?

Is anyone actually, using these with there IPAD's?
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