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Indeed, I did come by the machine very very cheaply. Basically, I'm a beggar trying to be a chooser, but I guess that's not always possible.

In the many discussion forum threads I've read on the subject, it appears that the original 7300GT cards used inferior capacitors and it was very very common for them to burn up, so I'm not at all concerned about the rest of the machine. I wish someone still had one, as I found another page where the project at hand was replacing said capacitors.

I thank you both for the replies and advice. It's almost as if the costs associated with Macs prohibits the kind of reckless abandon that I'm used to in the PC world. That's why I'm surprised to hear all of the closed-down comments on how things simply cannot be done.

On the PC side of things, it's more like 'where there's a will, there's a way'. I was under the impression that the Mac world was more open-minded, but it strikes me as perhaps a little more Stepford-like. I hope that does not offend anyone, and I don't mean for it to, but that's just my knee-jerk reaction to the majority of opinions which I have encountered, thus far.

In the end, I may just be too cheap to be a Mac guy.
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