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I am a tech at a company with many windows boxes about 5 Macs.

I use my windows experience to troubleshoot Mac issues (just starting to learn and so far so good).

Anyways, I have a user who has problem saving files or opening files. The files take a lot longer then they should. Mainly the files are Adobe Illustrator. (located on the network)

If I or anyone else logs into the Mac those files open and save as they should.

The problematic user currently runs Snow Leopard (with all the updates) but used to run Leopard. One of my co-worker used time machine to backup the users files etc. I think something happened and something got corrupted.

I have googled and done quite a few things but nothing has worked yet.

The Macs are joined to a windows domain.

In the windows world to test my theory I would rename the users profile (same as the Home Folder) that is cached in the PC and when the user logs back in it would re-create the profile (home folder) with a new one from scratch. If my theory proves right I would then move only the files back into the profile folder (home folder).

Can this be done in a Mac as I would in windows? I did find how to rename the home folder but I do not know if it actually has the same purpose as what I would do in windows.

Thank you
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