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also, the disc doesn't look legitimate that a friend of mines has used to install the os, could it be that the os is corrupted since it isn't a legitimate version possibly, if so I'm going to buy a copy of leopard, like I said I'm new to mac, and all seems well until it says now starting mac os x with the blue status bar then it starts to mess up? I googled some and think it could be a bad logic board or gpu, but that wouldnt make much sense, during other screens, such as the flashing folder, and install screen, the screen is fine. so it all makes no sense to me, I'm a pc user, and had to have my friend work on the imac to get it running, so maybe he's using a pirated copy of mac os, I know it isn't suppose to be discussed here, but I really want to know if this pc is worth keeping, as it is a nice and light weight pc, that is pretty darn powerful, but if need be that this thread be closed, could someone please give me some insight first?
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