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Originally Posted by JBob2 View Post
Have you even tried the current Norton Internet Security on the PC or Mac? It works great on both. Do a little research before making ridiculous comments. It doesn't help anyone.
Yes, I have. And have come to the conclusion that Norton is a virus in itself: it takes over the PC and runs scans in the background if not all the time, at the worst moments. It slows the machine down as if it were an 800-lbs passed-out gorilla and it's impossible to disable, which you have to do for some software maintenance operations. I have worked on lots of machines with Norton installed (any version) and have found them all to be slow performers, sometimes slow to the point of being unusable. McLafee is pretty much the same: less intrusive than Norton, but still slows down the machine and interferes with some operations, and, again, it's not possible to disable other than by killing its process -which in Windows, lacking a console and a kill -9 command, it's sometimes very difficult, as processes will restart themselves as soon as they're terminated.

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