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You can drag folders to the Dock (Right side by the trash) and they will stay there but documents that are minimised to the dock will close and not show in the dock when the application that produced them is closed. Open applications on the dock show a black triangle under them :-)

The dock is made up of shortcuts, dragging them off the dock will see them disappear in a puff of smoke. Preview will show up on the dock when open but will disappear again when closed as will all other applications unless you tell them to stay in the dock. Several ways to close applications but click & hold on the dock icon is the easiest & will give a quit option and keep in dock option too. Not applicable to finder, trash or dashboard on Tiger though.

Drag application icons from finder (Not the sidebar ~ they are just short cuts) to the dock for easy access.
I used the windows term 'short cuts', they are called aliases on a Mac :-)
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