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Not that I would care to discuss with you...unless I wanted the most negative response possible.
The bottom line is...the sum total of just about all of your responses are...whether due to

- faulty hardware
- bad eyesight
- being from the UK or being British
- being unhappy with new products (cars & computers)
- don't like the Mac OS
- don't like Apple developed software like Safari

Pretty much everything you say has a negative slant to it...including your responses when someone has helped you!
Perhaps then it is Apple that need to up their game eh? No one has been more critical of Windows over the years than me as they have released some pretty poor iterations. I even had a personal response from a Mr Balmer on one occasion. However, for me at at least W7 worked straight out of the box and is the bench mark by which I judge all others. I'm not interested whether MS lifted many of their ideas from OS X, they may well have done but to my mind they have also polished them up.

You seem to think we all have to worship at the alter of Jobs - I'm sorry pigoo3 but we Brits worship at no ones alter, we are quite an irreverent bunch I'm afraid. You want to see the way we treat our politicians.

Don't like OS X you say of me? Well straight out of the box I'd say that's a pretty fair assessment of my feelings but given time and a bit of tweaking I'm sure I'll get there.

You had a go at me for not liking Safari - I've never met anyone that does. Most Apple users I know say it's poor and use alternatives. Maybe you are one of the few who do?

As for the small text well if you read back a few posts you will notice I have found an add-on called NoSquint which works really well so problem solved on that one.

If or when I finally have something to cheer about I'll let you know then perhaps you can celebrate on my behalf, now how does that sound?
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