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- OS X is not customizable enough
I can say with all honesty that I have used W7 since Beta release and not had to carry out any customisations - for me it worked straight out of the box and more importantly worked to my liking.

- You don't like Safari that's why you're using Firefox
Installed it for Windows and hated it and it's no better in OS X - I like my bookmarks down the side not taking over the entire screen. I don't know many people that do like Safari. Given a choice I would opt for IE every time.

- You're complaining that stuff looks too small on your 24" monitor compared to your Windows computer
I have a visual impairment so like icons web pages and text to be slightly larger. Do you have a problem with disabilities?
- You're complaining that text in Safari & Firefox is too small.
I've already answered that one.

- you were complaining that the quality of Macintosh computers is poor because your 1st Mac-mini had a problem (which could have been user error)...but if not...all you had to do was return it for another one!
Your point being what? I think given that this one appears to be fine then it is highly unlikely to have been user error don't you think? I spent days installing data, programmes, etc. plus the time and expense of having to make two journeys of over a hundred miles each to (a) buy the product and (b) return it. The reason I opted for a refund (wisely in my view) was to prevent a repetition of events. This new one has been ordered online. I think therefore I was justified in being unhappy with the situation.

- You also said, "I would liken W7 to Marilyn Monroe with the brains of Einstein with OS X being the class swot who never wants to
That's my view so far - I am entitled to a view am I?

And when someone helps you out with a solution to a problem (earlier in this thread) you say...
Originally Posted by JP-ME View Post
That seems to have improved things somewhat.
..."Instead of saying..."Wow...that really helped!". You can't even be enthusiastic when someone solves a Mac OS X problem for you!!!
It may be a culture thing, I'm not sure where you are based but I live in the UK. In the main most people in the UK do not enunciate in that manner. I am certainly more reserved and when I said "that seems to have improved things somewhat" that is exactly how I speak. That is me and that is the way I speak for which I make no apologies.

So can you please remind me again (with all of the complaining) why you're even considering using a Macintosh in the first place?
I have heard lots of good things about Apple and their products over the years so why not try one of them? I have also heard lots of good things about cars I have bought over the years but not all live up to customer expectation.

Now was there anything else you wanted to get off your chest?
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